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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,998 sheep comprising of 4,139 prime hoggs and 2,859 cast ewes & rams plus 15 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 20th February 2020.



Light to           300.0p (226.9p)
Standard to      364.7p (240.3p)
Medium to      332.5p (238.5p)
Heavy to         293.1p (227.6p)

Light to           £101.00 (£69.37)
Heavy to         £202.00 (£113.01)

Rams £172.00 (£101.66)

Again, a larger entry of cast cows was forward, with all classes again meeting a sharp selling trade. The sale topped at 146p for Galloways from Eskdalemuir Forestry, Clerk Hill, Langholm with Luings to 130p from The Firm of M Stewart, Tushielaw, Selkirk. Cast bulls to 119p for a Limousin from BD Mundell & Son, Kilchamiag, Argyll. Shorthorn cows from Turbiskill Farms, Argyll sold to 116p.

Top price per head of £929 for Luings from Tushielaw and £810 for Galloways from Clerk Hill. More cows required on a weekly basis to meet buyer demand.

Longtown sheep ring

A larger entry of 4,139 prime hoggs attracted all the usual buyers. Trade was much stronger than anticipated with an overall average of 235.1p (SQQ 238.4p), 5p down on the week.

Best quality export hoggs all sold over 300p per kilo and to a top of 364p for Beltex hoggs from A McCutcheon, Badoney Road, Co Tyrone.

Commercial hoggs sold between 235-255p per kilo. Another large entry of heavy hoggs were in great demand with many pens selling over £130 plus.

Top price per head of £170 for a Texel hogg kindly donated by WH & DA Gass, Nunscleugh Bewcastle, in aid of Cancer Research UK and purchased by West Scottish Lamb, Carlisle.

A good show of hill hoggs saw Blackfaces top at £113 from The Firm of NB Conaghan, West Scales, Gretna and to 254p also for Blackface hoggs from Lochryan Farms, Highcroach, Stranraer.

Light hoggs again sold at a premium and to £90 for 30kg Beltex hoggs from S & A Moore, Mains of Balhall, Angus.

The young team from Chirdon Farm, Bellingham and first time vendors enjoyed a fantastic trade. Codie Dixon (4) £133, Oli Lawson (2) £129 and Nancy Dixon (1) £130.


Beltex 364p Badoney Road, 332p Mains of Balhall, 331p Nether Stenries, 328p High Floweryhirst.   

Texel 298p Hermitage, 293p Nunscleugh, 288p High Floweryhirst, 286p Prior Rigg.  

Blackface 254p Highcroach, 246p Craigens, 244p Silloans & Craigens, 243p Pole.

Suffolk 252p Gartvaigh, 249p Culquhasen, 243p Nether Stenries, 242p Towiemore.

Cheviot 248p, 247p Kilwhipnach, 247p Whins & Craigens, 246p Keepers Cottage.

Herdwick 248p Powheads, 233p Ashley Park, 232p The Park.     

Mule 242p Gartvaigh, 240p Burnhouse & Kirkhouse, 238p Killipol, 236p Newton of Logierait.

Charollais 242p Nether Stenries.    

Oxford 242p, 236p Mains of Balhall.  

Cheviot Mule 241p Kirkbride.     

Swaledale 229p Patties Hill & Peasemyres, 218p Westernhopeburn, 214p Batey Shield.        


Texel £170 Nunscleugh, £156, £143, £141 Sharplaw, £141 Nunscleugh, £139 Crawthat.

Beltex £138, £133, £131 Mains of Balhall, £133 Badoney Road, £133, £130 Chirdon.

Suffolk £130 Kinninghall & Badoney Road, £128 Aimshaugh, £127 Keepwick, £125 West Scales.

Charollais £126 Keepwick, £116 Nether Stenries, £112 Sceugh Dyke.    

Bluefaced Leicester £118 Silloans, £100 Kinninghall.  

Oxford £118, £105 Mains of Balhall.

Mule £115 Killipol, £109.50 Culquhasen, £108 Kirkhouse, £107.50 Chirdon, £106.50 Gartvaigh.  

Blackface £113 West Scales, £109 Silloans, £107.50 Thornton Tower, £105 Glenshanna.

Cheviot £110 Catslackburn & The Land, £109.50 Upper Portrack, £109 Nether Stenries & Glendearg.    

Herdwick £100.50 Ashley Park, £92 Allfornaught, £90.50 The Park.

Swaledale £89.50 Westernhopeburn, £88, £85 Patties Hill.    

The 2,859 cast ewes and rams were a similar entry and met a terrific trade at enormous prices from a full ring of buyers, and sold to average £97.51 overall. Many more could easily have been sold.

For the first time this season, Texel ewes broke the £200 barrier with a top of £202 for a pen of Texel ewes from RH Bell & Co., Roxburghmill, Kelso, with many others making £190 plus.

Greyface ewes regularly between £110-£155 and to a top of £124 from A Blackwood, Culdrain, Dalbeattie.

Hill ewes met a flying trade with many pens selling over £90 and to a top of £101 for Cheviot ewes from G & N Laing, Twislehope, Hawick.

Cast rams were a buoyant trade and sold to £172 for Texels from Chaseside.


Texel £202 Roxburghmill, £197 Beckfoot & Dearham Hall, £196 Nether Stenries, £193 Baryerrock.

Charollais £170 Dearham Hall, £162 The Wynd, £145 Chaseside.

Beltex £168 Maulscastle, £162 Tercrosset, 161 Maulscastle, £160 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £162 Nether Stenries, £151 Gartvaigh, £150 Nether Stenries, £148 Beckfoot & Knock.

North Country Cheviot £134 West Millhills, £125 Towiemore, £124 Beckfoot, £121 Little Galla.

Bluefaced Leicester £130 Silloans, £129 Nether Stenries, £120 Woodhall.

Mule £124 Culdrain, £118 Nether Stenries, £117 Channel Well, £116 Thirlwell Castle & Culdrain.

Cheviot Mule £119 Torkirra.

Zwartble £114 Stanley House.


Cheviot £101 Twislehope, £100 High Yarridge, £99 Towiemore, £97 Stirkfield.

Kendal Rough £98 Church View, £80 Lynnshield.

Blackface £96 Silloans, £95 Towiemore & Little Galla, £91 Davdell, £90 Woodhall.

Swaledale £82 Knarr, £81 High Lovelady Shield, £75 Broadmea.

Herdwick £74 West Trailtrow, £71 Clea Hall.


Texel £172 Chaseside, £164 Quarryfield, £147 Crawthat, £146 Aimshaugh.

Charollais £172 Chaseside, £148 Beck.

Bluefaced Leicester £170, £126 Woodhall, £122 Kingside & Middle Shipley.

Suffolk £159 Archerbeck, £129 Tarrasfoot.

Beltex £136 Upper Tinwald.

Cheviot £117 Twislehope, £100 Kingside & Wardlaw, £96 Twislehope.

Blackface £117 Plenderleith, £106 Tone Hall.

Swaledale £100 Plenderleith.

longtown mart

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