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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,037 sheep comprising of 4,316 prime hoggs and 2,721 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th March 2020.



Light to           246.0p (219.1p) 
Standard to      334.2p (237.0p) 
Medium to      325.0p (241.1p) 
Heavy to         291.7p (230.1p)

Light to           £111.00 (£67.89) 
Heavy to         £210.00 (£111.83)

Rams £188.00 (£103.49)

A nice entry of quality cast cows again sold well at recent rates, with more required on a weekly basis to fulfil demand. The sale topped at 161p for a British Blue from D & Y Wilson, Plumpe, Gretna, who sold others at 134p and 126p. Charolais cows sold to 121p from Messrs Baxter, Moss Side, Hethersgill. Top price per head of £936 for British Blues from Plumpe.

Longtown sheep ring

4,316 prime hoggs were a top quality offering, with a big percentage of 33% being heavy hoggs. All the usual buyers present and extra keen for supplies. Overall average 236.1p (SQQ 238.9p), being 5p less on the week, which was acceptable considering the large percentage of heavies forward.

Best export weights all sold at over 300p per kilo and to a top of 334p for Beltex hoggs from M Dunlop, Corstane, Broughton. Commercial hoggs between 240-260p per kilo.

Heavy hoggs were an outstanding show and very dear with many pens between £160-£170 and to a top of £172 for both Texel and Suffolk hoggs from Highfield Farming Ltd, Knock, Duns.

Light hoggs were in short supply and inadequate for requirements, selling to £78 for 32kg Blackface hoggs from R McClelland & Son, Dranigower, Newton Stewart with Cheviot hoggs selling to 246p for 28kg hoggs from J Hume & Son, Sundhope, Yarrow.

It was also the Annual Show and Sale for Blackface hoggs, which were an outstanding entry for top quality and judging was in the capable hand of Mr Jimmy Blenchorn, who had a difficult task before him. Champion pen was a pen of heavy Blackface hoggs from regular consigner John Jardine, Yett, Lockerbie weighing 54kg and selling at £125.

Class 1 – Up to 39kg

1st – Reid, Glendearg – 36kg £87

2nd – Warden, Skelfhill – 37kg £89

Class 2 – 39.1-45kg

1st – Reid, Glendearg – 43kg £104

2nd – Reid, Glendearg – 41kg £97

Class 3 – 45.1kg+

1st & Champion – Jardine, Yett – 54kg £125

2nd – Graham, Craigdarroch – 51kg £118


Beltex 334p Corstane, 325p Station Yard, 317p Stenries View, 315p Station Yard.   

Texel 291p Myrelandhorn, 283p Willimoteswick, 282p East Kirk, 281p Bombie.  

Suffolk 251p Baldovie, 245p Hopestead, 244p Miller Hill, 243p Oswie & Plumpe.  

Herdwick 249p Orthwaite Hall, 236p Auchengray, 234p Chapel House.

Cheviot 246p Jerriestown & Sundhope, 245p Lurgan & Whins, 244p Thistledown, 243p West Scales.  

Blackface 243p Dranigower, 242p, 241p Craigdarroch, 241p Glendearg, 240p Skelfhill.

North Country Cheviot 242p Aucharua, 242p, 237p Micklethwaite, 234p Yett, 232p Carruthers.

Charollais 241p Oswie.      

Mule 239p The Ha’, 235p Baldovie, 234p The Ha’, 233p Killipol & Westernhopeburn.

Swaledale 226p Maidencots.


Suffolk £172, £140 Knock, £129 Auchengray, £128 Flex, £126 Thuster Mains, £125 Guardsmill.

Texel £172, £170, £164, £162 Knock, £155 Auchengray.

Beltex £150 Heathery Hall, £148 Hillside, £143 Stenries View, £141 Heathery Hall.

Mule £140 Baldovie, £120 Howard House, £113 Baldovie.  

Blackface £125 Yett, £124 Craigdarroch & Balliemeanoch, £120 West Scales.

Cheviot £119 West Scales, £117.50 Kirkton, £115.50 Station Yard, £114 Kirkton & The Land.

North Country Cheviot £118.50 Banniskirk Mains, £117 Yett, £116 Baldovie, £114 Micklethwaite & Carruthers.   

Half-Bred £117 Humbleheugh.  

Charollais £105 Sceugh Dyke, £103.50 Oswie.

Herdwick £99.50 Longrow, £97 Orthwaite Hall, £91.50 Fold Head, £90 Rowhead.   

The 2,721 cast ewes and rams met the dearest trade of the season to average £93.60 overall, where many more could have been sold to a full ring of buyers.

A new record price of £210 was achieved for Texel ewes from Seymour Farms, Seymour House, Wigton. Greyface ewes sold around to £125 plus mark and to £131 from Millantae Farms, Lockerbie.

Hill ewes saw all the best sell at £100 and over, to a top of £111 for Blackface ewes from Wanwood Partners, Alston and for Cheviot ewes from G & L White, Howden, Selkirk.

Rams sold to £188 for Charollais from Beckfoot.


Texel £210 Seymour House, £206 Oldfield, £201 Seymour House, £192 Knock.

Suffolk £176 East Murkle, £168 Shaw Cottage, £160 Beck, £158 East Murkle.

Beltex £160 Thirstane Cottage, £158 Hillside, £150 Hobbiesburn.

North Country Cheviot £151 Hillside (Miller), £140 Myrelandhorn, £128 Dodgsonstown, £125 Nether Stenries.

Charollais £148, £140 Beckfoot, £131 Chaseside.

Cheviot Mule £132 Byers, £128 Nether Stenries, £125 Chapel.   

Mule £131 Millantae, £129 Walton Park, £127 Stonewalls & Chapel, £126 Sowerby Wood & Nether Stenries.

Bluefaced Leicester £128 Upper Hindhope.

Zwartble £122 Craig Douglas, £115 Auchengray.  

Dorset £113 Edge Farm, £110 Fearn.   


Blackface £111 Wanwood Hill, £110 Chapel, £109 Craig Douglas, £105 Grindon Hill, £104 Beck & North Shortcleugh.     

Cheviot £111 Howden, £105 Chapel, £102 Brackside, £99 Upper Hindhope, £98 Millantae.  

Lonk £91 Allfornaught.

Swaledale £86 High Street, £83 Roachburn, £79 Orthwaite Hall.

Goat £85 Chaseside.  

Herdwick £83 Rowhead, £82 Redgatehead.


Charollais £188 Beckfoot, £146 Saddell Home Farm, £134 Beck.     

Texel £152 Willimoteswick & Viewley, £144 Cooms, £142 Knock, £140 Beckfoot.    

Bluefaced Leicester £149 Kirkhill, £140 Leithanhall, £128 Howard House, £125 Saddell Home Farm.  

Suffolk £148 Thuster Mains, £134 Beck, £132 Sowerby Wood.      

North Country Cheviot £147, £146, £137 Humbleheugh.

Beltex £125 Kersheugh, £110 Thirstane Cottage, £108 Beck & Orthwaite Hall.    

Cheviot £122 Megdale, £120 Granton, £117 Becks, £112 Upper Hindhope.   

Hampshire £118 Thankerton Camp Farm.  

Blackface £110 Glenbeg, £106 Upper Hindhope, £105 Saddell Home Farm, £104 Leithanhall.  

Dorset £106 Crawfordhall.

Lleyn £100 Tundergath Mains.  

Swaledale £90 Roachburn.  

longtown mart

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