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      David Lawton

Not All Scottish Supermarkets Stock Scottish Beef Burgers 2019-Jul-17
During a period of prolonged warm weather many in Scotland will be hoping to enjoy some high-quality Scotch Beef burgers.

UK Beef Industry Survival Under Threat 2019-Jul-12
Struggling beef producers have been hit with a £68 million reduction in cattle value over the last 12-weeks, in comparison to the same period in 2018, the National Beef Association has announced.

UK Beef Industry being Traded Away for Pennies 2019-Jul-05
The future of the British beef industry is being traded away for pennies, warns the National Beef Association.

British Beef Farmers Need Your Support 2019-Jan-30
Great British Beef Week will return early, this year from April 1-7, to champion high quality, home-produced beef as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Great Opportunities for UK Beef Industry Future 2018-Oct-24
Adopting an integrated approach is crucial for the future of the UK beef industry, farmers were told this week at a discussion meeting organised by the Midlands Committee of the National Beef Association in Northamptonshire.

Red Meat Exports Start the Year with Positive Figures 2018-Aug-06
Exports of red meat products from the UK got off to a strong start this year – with the total value of beef, lamb and pork rising above the £487 million mark.

Industry Alliance to Promote Red Meat as Nutritional Powerhouse 2018-Jul-23
Agricultural organisations from England, Scotland and Wales are uniting in a new initiative which will see them work together to communicate the benefits of red meat in a balanced diet as part of a reinforced meat and health programme.


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